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allnex demonstrates a new water borne ACURE™ system Fast curing 2K systems with no popping limit

Nov 17, 2022 Innovation
allnex demonstrates a new waterborne ACURE™ system in a live webinar December 1, 2022 - 09.00 AM EST/03.00 PM CET - Allnex Fast Curing 2K systems with no popping limit - ACURE™ AQ - Michael Addition goes water borne!

Lower VOC has been a drive for innovation since the early 90’s. This has resulted into a dual approach for high end industrial applications. With one part of the market focusing on high solid solvent borne applications and another approach being two component water borne polyurethanes. While both solutions have their merit in reducing paint VOC, 2K water borne coatings have had to address some intrinsic issues which have caused a slow adoption rate.

One of the key issues identified in working with 2K water borne systems is the so-called issue of popping, which results from the reaction of isocyanate with water. This results in bad appearance in higher layer-thickness and negative effects on corrosion performance amongst others. Another drawback of these systems is the limited pot-life after mixing the two components, as this causes paint waste and inconsistent quality at different points in time. Typically isocyanates might be difficult to incorporate into component A and may cause allergic reaction and respiratory irritation.

In this live webinar our experts Oliver Truchses (Technical Service and Business Development Leader General Industry & Protective EMEA) and Gottfried Fürpaß (Senior Lab Leader) will address some of these key issues by bringing our Michael Addition technology to the waterborne coatings domain. They will present 2K water borne PU and Michael addition technology over newly developed ultra-low VOC, BTX free epoxy primer systems in terms of cure speed, recoat window, pot-life, popping limit, weathering, chemical and corrosion resistance. 

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