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Launch of CRYLCOAT® 4698-2

mar 28, 2018 Innovation
“The CRYLCOAT® 4698-2 is a great addition to our allnex portfolio." Rob Watson, Global Marketing Manager

ALPHARETTA, March 28, 2018) - allnex, the leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering a broad range of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces, is excited to announce the launch of the CRYLCOAT® 4698-2 for HAA Applications.

The CRYLCOAT® 4698-2, expertly crafted by allnex scientists, has been designed to meet the requirement for flexible superdurable HAA resin for ACE applications, including automotive, agriculture and construction equipment.

Rob Watson, Global Marketing Manager for allnex: “The CRYLCOAT® 4698-2 is a great addition to our allnex portfolio. It extends the range of carboxylated superdurable polyester resin, which not only meets the requirements for outstanding flexibility, but also offers improved mechanical strengths with excellent chemical and overbake resistance.”

Now available in the APAC region, the key benefits of the CRYLCOAT® 4698-2 include:

  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Excellent chemical and overbake resistance
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Superior outdoor weatherability
  • Reliable DOI (Distinction of Image)

To request a sample please contact customer service and for more technical information, please contact Supunnee Supeerapat.