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Industrial Giants Forge World’s First Ever Value Chain in High-Gloss Mirror-Effect Water-Based UV Coating

set 25, 2017 Corporate
A strategic cooperation agreement was signed by four industry giants today.

Kunshan, Jiangsu, China - September 25, 2017 – A strategic cooperation agreement was signed by four industry giants today, which signals the formation of the world’s first high-gloss mirror-effect water-based UV resin industry value chain. The four strategic allies are each industrial leader in their specific field. Germany based allnex is the global top manufacturer in industrial coating resins; China Zhanchen New Materials Group Co., Ltd. (Zhanchen Group) and Kunshan Baiyulan Furniture Co., Ltd. (Baiyulan) respectively engage in coating production and furniture manufacturing. Homag China Golden Field Wood Machinery Co., Ltd. (Homag China) is the leader in machines for wood processing and coating spray.

Groundbreaking Value Chain

“The agreement ushers in a new era on the application of water-based (WB) UV resin solution for wood coatings, setting up a new paradigm for the whole industry, and marking a big step forward in the industry’s march towards eco-sustainability,” said Nie Jun, Chairman of RadTech Asia Organization, Dean of Science Faculty at Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

Catching up with the World

In the light of continuously growing demand for zero or low VOC environment, water-based UV resins used in industrial wood application has tremendous potential as it is highly efficient and environment-friendly. WB UV combines environmental & VOC benefits of water-based systems and performance & productivity advantages of traditional 100% UV systems. Also thanks to its high Mw between cross-links, low viscosity, urethane hard segments incorporated possible, WB UV expands more and more applications into solvent-free and high-end spray-able coats on various substrates. The most recently UV PUD swollen particles technology developed by allnex merges the emulsion’s oligomeric components into the particle’s polymeric components which results at a stable, easy-to-apply product with improved performance after cured on water resistance, hardness, abrasion, low yellowing etc, significantly enlarges the possibilities of using WB UV for high end furniture applications.

allnex offers the core technology for coating products. The coalition of the four powerhouses lays the cornerstone for coming breakthroughs in high gloss WB UV technology application in the furniture manufacturing industry. “Resin is the core of coatings, and allnex is dedicated to the research and development of resin technology, to meet not only the diversified consumer needs but also the needs of environment protection. It’s the alliance’s mission to accelerate the development of green coatings in China.” said Miguel Mantas, chief executive officer of allnex.

“The domestic market share of the Water-based coatings and paints still falls behind the global market share. As a professional manufacturer in coating R&D and production, we are committed to the promotion of eco-friendly products in China.” said Chenbing, Chairman of Zhanchen Group.

Joint Commitment to Green Life

The signing ceremony took place in headquarters of Baiyulan in Kunshan. “Furniture are closely related to people’s life. People’s desire for a healthier and more comfortable home sets the future trends of the household industry. Baiyulan is pleased and proud to be at the forefront of this pioneering initiative. We will work together with other industry players to develop and deliver greener, better and healthier life experiences to our customers.” said Shen Zhongmin, President General Manager of Baiyulan. At the signing ceremony, the cooperation among four parties has been repeatedly emphasized. “The four partners work hand in hand to produce spraying solutions in high-gloss mirror-effect water-based UV coating. Our complementary strengths are key to the success of this advanced coating technology,” said Cao Pingxiang, Director of Operations of Homag China.