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allnex Showcases Game-Changing Waterborne Automotive Coatings at ChinaCoat 2019

nov 20, 2019 Corporate Innovation
"There is a long history of cooperation between allnex and Chongqing Huahui. The core drivers of this partnership are mutual recognition, trust and confidence in market prospects" Miguel Mantas, CEO at allnex

SHANGHAI, China (November 20, 2019) - At ChinaCoat 2019, which took place from November 18 to 20, 2019, allnex, the leading global producer of coating resins and additives, unveiled Jinkang SERES SF5, a new energy vehicle with waterborne coatings developed in collaboration with Chongqing Huahui Painting Co., Ltd. By combining high-performance, eco-friendly resins, waterborne coatings and new energy vehicles, the two companies are leading a new round of technological changes in the context of new regulatory requirements and consumer trends, working together to provide green coatings and energy-efficient, innovative solutions for the Chinese automotive market.


In recent years, as national environmental policy continues to improve and the new energy vehicle market booms, China has presented unprecedented opportunities for development in the waterborne automotive coatings industry. Waterborne automotive coatings use water as a solvent rather than organic solvents, such as benzene, ketone and ester. This makes them eco-friendly, energy-efficient, safe and widely applicable. As an important raw material, resins play a crucial role in improving the visual appearance, durability and eco-friendliness of waterborne coatings.


allnex is a widely recognized supplier of coating resins that has been cooperating with Chongqing Huahui for more than a decade. As the new energy vehicle industry embarks on a new era with the goal of achieving “zero emissions”, the two companies, who are leaders in coating resins and coatings, have brought eco-friendly, smooth, bright and waterproof coatings to the Chinese automotive market.


With a complete portfolio of green products, allnex has provided Chongqing Huahui with recyclable, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and low-VOC coating resins that range from pretreatments to e-coats, primers, basecoats and clearcoats, offering material and technical support for the new milestone of “zero emission plan”. The Jinkang SERES SF5 unveiled at ChinaCoat 2019 represents the latest technological achievement of the two partners.


"There is a long history of cooperation between allnex and Chongqing Huahui,” said Miguel Mantas, chief executive officer of allnex. “The core drivers of this partnership are mutual recognition, trust and confidence in market prospects as well as our determination to help the Chinese government and companies reduce their ecological footprint and promote the structural upgrading of the industrial chain. With world-class R&D capabilities and technical experience, allnex will continue to provide safe and eco-friendly, high-performance coating resins to meet market demand.”


"The trend for environmental protection has posed new challenges and requirements for the waterborne automotive coatings industry,” said Wang Ping, chairman of Chongqing Huahui, "Made from allnex’s waterborne polyester, amino resins and additives, Huahui’s waterborne automotive coatings, combined with allnex’s technical expertise, offer benefits in terms of cost savings, material losses and waste reduction. They also reduce dependence on organic petroleum solvents. The overall result is improved utilization. In addition, our waterborne coatings are easy to store and transport and safe to use, which are the benefits that traditional oil-based coatings cannot offer."


In this new era of sustainability, allnex will work more closely with Chongqing Huahui to cope with fierce competition and meet the diverse needs of end consumers. Guided by our customer-centric philosophy, allnex will continue to deliver a complete resin portfolio that complies with future environmental regulations and suits different market applications.