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allnex Launches New Rubber Lab in Fengxian, China

nov 13, 2019 Corporate

Fengxian, China (Nov 5th , 2019) - allnex, a leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering a broad range of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, rubber, plastic and other surfaces, announces the launch of a new rubber laboratory in Fengxian, China.


As the need for rubber increases in Asia for the tire and rubber market, allnex wanted to ensure it had a laboratory close by to meet the customers’ requirements.


Opened in late June 2019, the lab is equipped with ALPHA, NETZSCH(GABO) and GOTECH equipment according to the standards of major tire manufacturers. With this advanced equipment, the site will be able to test rubber processability parameters, physics properties, adhesion properties as well as dynamic mechanical properties both before and after aging.


The chemists at the new lab are looking forward to performing a variety of experiments to optimize existing products and well as working with the customers to develop new ones.