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allnex product highlights

Metal Trim & Light Duty Protective

Layer Technology Product Benefits
Interior & Exterior Monocoat & Topcoat Acrylic modified RESYDROL® AY 6150w High gloss and quick drying resin with excellent hardness development.


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits
Drier ADDITOL® DRY CF 100/CF200 Next-generation Colbalt free driers for superior set and through drying and better long-lasting effect.
Flow & Leveling ADDITOL® VXL 4930  ADDITOL® VXL 4930 is a modified silicone for improvement of leveling and surface smoothness of solvent-containing and aqueous paints.
Flow & Leveling ADDITOL® XW 395 Wet through those difficult to adhere to substrates and realize superior leveling with this silicone free flow and leveling additive in all waterborne applications.
Flow & Leveling ADDITOL® XW 6580 ADDITOL® XW 6580 is a leveling and substrate wetting agent based on polyether modified siloxane for waterborne and solventborne paint systems giving strong surface tension reduction without foam stabilization or increasing slip. 
Flow & Leveling MODAFLOW® AQ 3025 MODAFLOW® AQ-3025 provides outstanding surface appearance in waterborne paint systems.  FDA approved, this additive enables reduced levels of pigment dispersant. 
Dispersing ADDITOL® VXW 6208/60 When the  performance of their paint is critical people turn to ADDITOL® VXW 6208/60 for a dispersant that enables development of optimum performance for solventbased based and zinc rich systems
Dispersing ADDITOL® XW 6588 Best in class dispersant for waterbased systems providing excellent corrosion resistance.