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Price Increase on Amino resins in Americas

19 октября 2018 г Pricing Updates

Effective November 1, 2018, allnex will increase prices across our portfolio of Amino resins in the Americas region.  This increase is attributable to continued inflationary pressures in energy, raw materials, freight, and logistics. This price increase applies to all products sold under the Aerotex®, Cycat®, Cymel®, Cyrez®, Etermino®, and Setamine® trademarks.  Both list and off-list prices will be increased up to $0.05/kg, depending on the grade and the product family. The announced changes will be applicable on all shipments as of November 1, 2018, or as contracts permit.

“allnex is working to mitigate these increases and to control expenses, yet the inflationary pressures in raw materials, freight, energy, distribution and labor have not subsided across the Americas region.  In addition, allnex has experienced a number of increases on strategic raw materials from manufacturers who have increased their base prices in an effort to improve their financials to reinvestment economic levels to ensure they remain a viable supplier.  This, combined with the continued increases in logistics, have worked to keep raw materials at unprecendented high levels,” said Tracy Roop, allnex Business Director, Crosslinkers.

Due to the imposition of Chinese tariffs on certain key raw materials, select product groups will also increase in direct relation to these tariffs, up to $0.50/kg.  allnex is also working to mitigate these increases through petitioning to have materials not produced in the US taken off the tariff list as well as sourcing from other non-Chinese suppliers. 

allnex thanks you for your valued business and remains committed to servicing and delivering value to you.  Please contact your allnex Account Manager if you have any questions.