Boat Building and Repair


High performance gelcoats specifically designed for marine applications

  • Excellent UV Resistance
  • Superior durability
  • High gloss retention
  • Excellent water resistance

Gelcoats used in marine applications must be extremely durable and have excellent weatherability properties. Our NUTECH™ range of ISO-NPG gelcoats have been developed to meet these tough requirements. The advanced formulation will provide boat builders with premium quality and durable finishes that will stand the test of time. These gelcoats are extremely UV and water resistant, have high gloss retention and show excellent resistance to fading. 

Structural and barrier laminating resins with excellent chemical and physical properties

  • Impact resistance
  • Tensile elongation
  • Osmotic resistance
  • Surface profile

At allnex we have extensive experience with developing high performance barrier, laminating and DCPD blended resins for demanding marine applications. Our ULTRATEC™ and POLYPLEX™ range of unwaxed and low styrene emissions laminating resins offer excellent fibre wet out, good cure performance while maintaining a relatively wide green time, low exotherm and low colour in thick section. For 'A' class surface finish we recommend our NUTECH 6010 Tooling resin with excellent blister resistance and reduced reinforcement print-through. The unique chemical composition of our ULTRATEC™ VE Tie-Layer resin allows the fabrication of tough and versatile laminates with excellent crack and craze resistance. 

Infusion resins for closed mould manufacturing of boat hulls and decks

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High tensile elongation
  • Exotherm control
  • Excellent impact strength

Closed mould applications offer many benefits to boat builders. Producing boat hulls, decks and structures  via closed mould processes will improve workshop conditions and generally result in more consistent parts with better mechanical properties. Allnex's low viscosity, promoted epoxy vinyl ester infusion resin system is specifically designed for the infusion moulding manufacturing of marine and structural parts. This no foaming system with exotherm control offers excellent corrosion resistance and impact strength. It also comes in varied geltime depending on peroxide use and workshop conditions. 

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