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CRYLCOAT® 2876-0

CRYLCOAT® 2876-0 is a hydroxylated polyester resin for use with blocked polyisocyanates or uretdiones preferably as high functional component in one shot matte polyurethane powder coatings. Correspondent coatings exhibit excellent hardness, stain resistance and are suitable for anti-graffiti powder coatings too.
地域 Asia except China; Australia & New Zealand; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China; Latin America; North America
製品グループ Standard Durable
市場アプリケーション Marine & Protective
セグメントアプリケーション Paint & Coatings
ケミストリー Polyester
技術 Powder coating resins
配合の優位性 Matte one shot
最終製品の優位性 Matte gloss capable
Block resistance
グリーンな属性 Low/zero VOC
TMA free