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ADDITOL® VXL 4992 -dispersants/anti foam/air release - serves as wetting and dispersing agent in high-body UP knifing fillers and glass fibre reinforced pigmented polyesters. It improves the pigment wetting, shortens the dispersion time, reduces the viscosity, enables the increase of the pigment and filler concentration, improves the air release, and has better levelling and flow properties of the ready product.
地域 Europe, Middle East and Africa; Latin America; North America
製品グループ Additives
市場アプリケーション Additives; Performance Additives
セグメントアプリケーション Paint & Coatings; Performance Applications
ケミストリー Additives
技術 Additives
配合の優位性 Dissolver qualified
Good compatibility
Good pigment wetting properties
Long potlife
Shear stability
用途の優位性 Faster cycle time
Higher film thickness in one application
Higher popping limit
Improved Rheology
Reduced surface preparation
最終製品の優位性 Excellent adhesion
Fast return to service
Higher pigment loading
Improved degassing
Improved hardness
グリーンな属性 Low Formaldehyde
Low free monomeric amine, lower sensitization risk and less harmful for environment
Tin free