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BECKOPOX™ EM 460/60IBX is an excellent adhesion to steel and nonferrous metals, high corrosions protection, best recoatability. It is used preferably in combination with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) for the production of wash primers and finish coatings.
地域 Asia except China; Australia & New Zealand; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China; Latin America; North America
製品グループ Solventborne Epoxies
市場アプリケーション Automotive OEM; Industrial Metal; Vehicle Refinish
セグメントアプリケーション Paint & Coatings
ケミストリー Epoxy resins
技術 Solventborne/Solventfree resins
用途の優位性 Lower Film thickness
最終製品の優位性 Excellent adhesion
Improved corrosion resistance
Fast return to service