ADDITOL® XW 6565 -colorants/pigment pastes/concentrates/dispersants- is a unique multifunctional universal grinding medium, designed for performance optimized solventbased, waterbased and all low VOC decorative paints. The special composition yields benefits such as excellent color development, viscosity control and stabilization with all architectural pigments, and improved humidity and water resistance performance.

  • 地域

    中国を除くアジア; オーストラリア・ニュージーランド; ヨーロッパ、中東、アフリカ; 中華圏; ラテンアメリカ; 北アメリカ

  • 製品グループ


  • 市場アプリケーション

    Additives; Performance Additives

  • セグメントアプリケーション

    Paint & Coatings; Performance Applications

  • ケミストリー

    Additives; Dispersing & wetting agent; Additives; Others

  • 技術


  • 配合の優位性

    Freeze-thaw stability

    Low sedimentation

    Pearl mill qualified

    Shear stability

    Dissolver qualified

    Good pigment wetting properties

  • 用途の優位性

    Improved Rheology

    Low pigment floatation

    Low reactivity

  • 最終製品の優位性

    Improved ageing

    Improved chemical resistance

    Improved color stability

    Improved hardness

    Improved outdoor durability

    Improved mechanical resistance

    Improved water immersion

    Improved water spotting

    Improved appearance

    Improved corrosion resistance

    Water resistance

    Higher pigment loading

    High gloss potential

  • グリーンな属性

    Low/zero VOC

    Energy saving

    Zero VOC

    APEO free


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