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  • 簡便な混合性
  • 無機系顔料分散剤
  • 溶剤系および水系システム

ADDITOL® XL 6577は、TiO2などの無機顔料のために設計された極めて分散性の高い革新的な分散剤です。ADDITOL XL 6577の使用することにより、コストに優れ、高耐候性で、高固形分の溶剤系顔料ペーストの配合を可能にし、幅広い高性能の溶剤系工業用塗料を実現します。


  • 推奨する水系エポキシ樹脂
  • 広範囲に使用可能な顔料用添加剤
  • 高効率

ADDITOL® VXW 6208は有機・無機の顔料および増量剤用の分散剤です。バインダーフリーの顔料ペーストは、高光沢およびシルク仕上げのエマルジョン塗料など、水系アルキッドおよびアクリル塗料の配合に使用されています。



  • 高顔料分散物
  • 超低VOC
  • 溶剤系および水系システム

ADDITOL® XW 6565は、広範囲に使用出来る、グリコール系溶剤フリーの、高機能性高分子粉砕用で、特に工場内で着色剤を必要な時に必要な量だけ(POS)生産する時のために開発された製品です。顔料濃度を最適化し、卓越した耐候性と優れた発色性を発揮します。またこの製品は屋外用・屋内用塗料ワニス用のエコ・マーク適合品です。


Marco, Allnex Austria

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Coating Additives Dispersing

Product Benefits
ADDITOL® UVX 7301/65 TPGDA Highly efficient dispersant for inorganic pigments - high loading at low viscosities.
ADDITOL® VXL 6212 High performance dispersant for 2K refinish systems - for organic pigments and carbon black.
ADDITOL® VXW 6208 Best in class non ionic pigment dispersant for all pigment natures.
ADDITOL® VXW 6208/60 Like ADDITOL® VXW 6208 with polar solvent dilution for better incorporation in non aqueous systems.
ADDITOL® XL 250 ADDITOL® XL 250 has excellent adhesion to aluminum and provides excellent protection against aluminum oxidation.
ADDITOL® XL 255N Special dispersant for improved organic pigment stabilization and reduced additive dosage.
ADDITOL® XL 6521 High performance dispersant for non aqueous organic pigments and carbon black.
ADDITOL® XL 6577 Newly developed additive designed for highly efficient dispersion of TiO2 and other inorganic pigments in solventborne systems. Developed to be the most efficient product in the market when used to develop VOC sensitive coatings.
ADDITOL® XW 6565 ADDITOL® XW 6565 is a universal grinding medium that has been specially developed for the production of low-VOC point-of-sale (POS) and in-plant colorants. It shows industry leading performance optimized for pigment loading, outstanding weather durability, and excellent color performance.
ADDITOL® XW 6575 Special grinding medium for OEM basecoat systems.
ADDITOL® XL 270 ADDITOL® XL 270 is a highly efficient pigment wetting agent that enables improved viscosity of your coatings at low shear forces. It is the solution when particle size and density are the reasons for bad rub-out results with your highly loaded coating.
ADDITOL® XW 330 Cost efficient dispersant for wall paints.
EBECRYL® 331 High wetting power (to achieve high gloss and high colour strength), prevents settling of pigments/entenders, good levelling properties, recommended specifically for use in metallic formulations (very good stabilization of aluminium flakes).