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UV/EB Resins - Technology Video

This video about Ultraviolet (UV)/ Electron Beam (EB) Curing gives you the overview.

Allnex Drogenbos incident under control

Late Monday afternoon, a temperature rise in a reactor at the Allnex production site at Drogenbos generated smoke around the immediate workshop area. No employees were impacted by the smoke and personnel were in no danger during the incident. The plant’s emergency response program was immediately activated and the emergency services were called. Working with the Allnex teams on site, they successfully cooled down the reactor from outside with a water spray. The smoke that released was not toxic but can cause irritation. After additional cooling of the reactor by the fire services, the reactor temperature has now dropped to a safe level and the situation is stable. As a precautionary measure, people at homes and businesses in the vicinity were requested to keep their windows closed, however now that the situation is under control this precautionary measure has been lifted.

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