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The Coating Resin Industry’s Benchmark Enterprise Continues to Progress and Move Forward

21 сентября 2017 г Corporate
This investment in its new water-based coating resin production line in China is a milestone and has strategic significance." Mr. Lai Weiyoung, VP of Allnex Greater China and Director of Liquid Resin and Additives Business in Greater China

September 20th 2017, Shanghai, China – The production facility of allnex – the world's leading supplier of industrial coating resin, located in Zhuanghang Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, celebrates its 20th anniversary as well as the successful upgrade and commissioning of its water-based coating resin production line. As the world's leading coating resin benchmark enterprise, allnex is committed to innovation, and research and development of water-based and environment-friendly coatings. Based in China, allnex has actively promoted the green development of China's coating industry.

allnex started developing water-based coating resin in the 60s. It pioneered the development of UV-curing resin in 1978, and has been at the forefront of innovation and research and development of powder coating resins and environment-friendly industrial coating resins, setting the benchmark for the coatings industry. At the same time, its development of water-based automotive coating resins covers all coatings layers, including automotive primer, surfacer, finish, top coat, etc. allnex is an outstanding supplier and strategic partner of many high-end branded automotive coatings and high-end furniture coatings. It has never stopped innovating in its efforts in green coatings, and continues to strive for excellence. 

Rooted in China for 20 years, with continuous development of the Chinese market, allnex has always put the customer first

allnex Fengxian Plant was first built in 1997 by UCB Specialty Chemicals later Cytec Industries. After several decades of development and transformation, Cytec Industries divested its coating resin business to Advent International, which then established Allnex in 2013. And in 2016, Advent brought Nuplex and Allnex togther, and a brand new allnex was established. The production line was developed from its original single powder coating resin to its current production lines, covering curable resin monomer and polymer as well as the water-based coating resin production line, thereby becoming allnex's production base with the highest output and most comprehensive business coverage in China.

"It is a great honor to have witnessed allnex’s production facility in Fengxian through its first 20 years. As one of allnex’s important strategic bases in China, it will continue to thrive with vigorous vitality, and progress and move forward. This investment in its new water-based coating resin production line in China is a milestone and has strategic significance." said Mr. Lai Weiyoung, VP of Allnex Greater China and Director of Liquid Resin and Additives Business in Greater China. "With continuous growth of the domestic market, relying on European factory imports can no longer meet the rapidly changing domestic demand. To serve domestic customers better, improve competitiveness and the ability to rapidly react to market conditions, it is imperative to have localized production in China. This also fully reflects the important strategic position of the Chinese market. To continually develop the Chinese market, we must always keep in mind and put the customer first."

Promoter and Pioneer of Green Coating Technology

In recent years, national environmental standards have been introduced successively to prevent air pollution, and the VOC emission standards for the coating industry have also become increasingly stringent. Due to its excellent environmental protection and compliance, water-based coatings that have been extensively used in the high-end automotive field, began to be widely applied in the fields of furniture and industrial coatings. The shift from oil-based to water-based coating is the general trend.

Recently, the water-based coating resin production line at Fengxian production base completed its technological transformation and was officially put into operation. The production line mainly produces water-based polyurethane, water-based alkyd, water-based epoxy and water-based acrylic resin, which are mainly used in automobiles, containers and other industrial and anti-corrosion coatings.

Li Hua, Site manager of allnex Fengxian plant said, "There are very stringent standards and requirements for water-based coating resins, especially for automotive coating resin production process, production engineering and testing standards. We have successfully passed a number of production tests, and our products have also been recognized by our customers. The Fengxian production facility is Allnex’s important strategic base for global production. I am highly confident about the implementation of Allnex’s globally uniform production and testing standards for localization of water-based coating resin."

"Allnex is continuously fostering an increased use of renewable and recyclable raw materials. We have significantly reduced or completely eliminated chemical substances of concern such as tin, formaldehyde or isocyanate from our products. We strive to reduce energy consumption through continual process optimization, while trying to extend end product life cycle or reduce maintenance frequencies by using our products. This is the green innovation concept that Allnex has since long been adhering to and continues to actively advocate." said Miguel Mantas, CEO of allnex.