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Allnex upgrades its coating resins production line in China

7 сентября 2016 г Corporate
Allnex recently has completed a technical upgrade of its coating resin production line, located at its Shanghai Fengxian site.

Shanghai, September 7, 2016 – Allnex, a leading supplier of resins for architectural, industrial, automotive OEM and special purpose coatings, today announced that the company has completed a technical upgrade of its coating resin production line, located at its Shanghai Fengxian site. It will produce waterborne epoxy, PUD and waterborne alkyd resins, which are mainly used in car, container and other industrial and protective coatings.

In recent years, a series of environmental laws designed to prevent air pollution in China have been implemented, with even more strict requirements to meet VOC emissions standards. As a result, waterborne coatings, which are better able to meet these requirements than many comparable products, and which have for some time been used in high-end car coatings, are now increasingly being used for wood furniture and in industrial coatings.

‘To upgrade our waterborne production line in China is a milestone embodied with strategic meaning,’ Allnex China LRA (Liquid Resins &Additives) Business Director Jeremy Qi commented. ‘We are already importing waterborne products from our European manufacturing site. But in order to meet the needs of the Chinese market, which is changing and developing fast, it is imperative that we can produce those grades locally. This will enable us to improve our competitiveness, service and quick responsiveness to local markets and customers in China, which is the strategic base for Allnex’s development.’

Wally Li, Allnex Fengxian Site Manager, said, The production of waterborne coating resins has to follow very rigorous production processes and quality test standards, and our products have proved to be of high quality and have received customer certification. I am very confident that our locally manufactured products will be of the same high quality as those we are already producing at our other locations, as the Fengxian site is an important strategic production site and follows Allnex’s global production and test standards.’