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allnex unveils new ECOWISE™ CHOICE sustainable product portfolio

6 мая 2020 г Corporate
"The ECOWISE™ CHOICE product portfolio is a living selection in the sense that it will be adapting to the evolution of our product offerings, changing benchmarks and market needs." Michela Fusco, Head of Sustainability
Frankfurt, GERMANY (May 6, 2020)allnex, the leading global supplier of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers, is proud to introduce its new sustainable product portfolio, ECOWISE™ CHOICE. The new brand, an historic milestone for allnex, is a considerable contribution to the achievement of the company’s ambitions with regard to sustainable ​portfolio management. Though only covering industrial wood solutions at this time, the scope of the ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio is set to expand to other markets in the coming months. 


The products featured in the ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio have all been assessed against the most stringent global industry standards and ecolabels, and in the context of the end application. They were all selected to enable our customers to meet the most demanding sustainability requirements.

In addition to the ECOWISE™ CHOICE selection, allnex, as one of the industry’s key players in the development of environmentally-friendly products, offers other solutions with a significant sustainability proposition, an offering which the company will be identifying as its ECOWISE™ VALUE range moving forward.

Michela Fusco, Head of Sustainability, explains: “The ECOWISE™ CHOICE product portfolio is a living selection in the sense that it will be adapting to the evolution of our product offerings, changing benchmarks and market needs. You will see more products being added as we continue the assessment of our current portfolio and new products are introduced to the market. Furthermore, we want to help customers meet their specific sustainability objectives through the many products in our offer with ECOWISE™ VALUE”.

Our ECOWISE™ CHOICE for industrial wood

ECOWISE™ CHOICE for industrial wood offers a complete range of green technologies for coatings designed for key applications in the market:

  • Applications: cabinets, furniture, flooring, joinery, and specialty applications
  • Technologies: waterborne, UV, powders, formaldehyde-free solutions
  • Sustainability benefits: improved air quality, durability, material efficiency, and energy efficiency, along with reduced paint consumption, more circular and lower carbon footprint products
Within this context, the increased interest in the use of sustainable raw materials and resins with renewable or recycled content is central to the ECOWISE™ CHOICE selection criteria. In assessing this portfolio, allnex has factored in the key requirements of industry partners such as IKEA, Nordic Swan and Greenguard.

Benoit De Becker, VP Strategy & Innovation, comments : ”The ECOWISE™ product range is the storefront of our Sustainable Portfolio Management practice. It is a keystone of the allnex Sustainability Program and it enables us to steer our product offering in line with the sustainability needs of our customers and their end-market.”


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