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allnex partners up to supply hand sanitizer to those in desperate need

3 апреля 2020 г Corporate
FRANKFURT, Germany (April 3, 2020)

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, disinfectants like hand sanitizers are becoming scarce, which is a concern to health systems globally.


In response, the German Chemical Association (VCI) and the European Chemical Association (ECHA) have encouraged members to do what they can to help by supplying sanitizing solution for health care systems and other institutions.


The allnex Hamburg site already created their own sanitizing solution to cover the needs of employees who continue to work hard on-site, since they already had the right chemicals in the laboratory to produce them. As the external demand increased, allnex quickly contacted officials in Germany to offer support.

allnex established contact with DFG-Bonitas, Germany’s largest outpatient intensive care provider also owned by Advent International. It was revealed that DFG-Bonitas was urgently looking for 3,600L of hand sanitizer per month, to which allnex replied: we are here to help. We are pleased to report that as of April 1st the first batch of hand sanitizer (260 kg) was packaged and ready for shipment to DFG-Bonitas.


It takes a lot of coordination to set up the supply of a product. Which is why it’s important to recognize the fast support and great team spirit across different functions like SHE, Medical, PRSA, Logistics, Data Management and Production, among others. Additionally, a special thanks goes to Desiree Dahms, QC Lab Technician, Martin Pauck, QC Lab Supervisor, and Stefan Bartel, Production Manager Hamburg, for all of their effort to get this organized locally.


“I think the initiative is very good,” said Desiree Dahms, QC Lab Technician, "It is an opportunity for me to make a small contribution in this difficult situation".


Stefan Bartel, Production Manager Hamburg noted: “The changeover to hand sanitizer production has presented us with many new challenges, but we are keen to fulfil our social responsibility!”

allnex sites in Bitterfeld, Shebekino, Wiesbaden, Graz, Wageningen, Wallingford and Alpharetta have also formulated hand sanitizer to meet their immediate internal needs, as well as to supply to organizations in their communities.

“The formula to make sanitizer is actually very simple, much less complex than our typical resins,” says Brett Giles, Manufacturing Director Americas. “It was an easy decision to make this at our sites – and a lot of departments came together amazingly quickly to figure out what was needed, how it should be done and what the next steps were. It’s really satisfying for all of us to be able to do something positive and provide much needed supplies in our local communities during such a negative time.”