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allnex introduces UCECOAT® 7230, its first waterborne UV-curable dispersion aimed at a wide variety of plastic hardcoat applications

19 декабря 2017 г | Innovation

a new and highly versatile unsaturated aliphatic polyurethane dispersion based on a swollen particles concept.

DROGENBOS, (December 20, 2017) – allnex, a global leader in energy-curable technology for industrial, graphics, consumer electronics, plastics and special purpose coatings and inks, today announced the launch of its new UCECOAT® 7230 developed for hardcoat applications on plastics.

Our most recent addition to our range of waterborne UV-curable resins, UCECOAT® 7230 is a new and highly versatile unsaturated aliphatic polyurethane dispersion based on a swollen particles concept.

Designed to be used on a wide array of plastic substrates, the main properties of this new product - namely its great adhesion properties, which help circumvent the greatest challenge formulators face when dealing with such substrates, ease of application, good resins compatibility, high flexibility and low yellowing - allow it to be suitable for various hardcoat applications. It will therefore help serve a multitude of segments within the plastic coatings market, including industrial and automotive plastics, plastics sheets and films, consumer electronics, but also flooring.

Being a water-based dispersion (and therefore solvent-free) as well as Tin-free also makes UCECOAT ® 7230 100%-compliant with the latest environmental regulations (REACH…) and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission restrictions, all the while providing formulators with a superior coating performance.

Key benefits and features of UCECOAT® 7230 include:

  • Direct adhesion to most plastics
  • Good substrate wetting
  • High reactivity
  • Very good balance of hardness and flexibility to reduce cracking or brittleness of the coating
  • Good compatibility with waterborne resins for boosting other performances
  • Neutral to slightly alkaline pH
  • Excellent humidity, abrasion and hot water resistance
  • Excellent optical properties (high gloss and low haze)
  • Low yellowing after cure
  • Low viscosity

For more information, please visit our product pageclick here to download a flyer or contact us.

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