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allnex introduces EBECRYL® LED 03, a groundbreaking UV LED booster for coating and ink formulators

22 декабря 2017 г Innovation
Unrivaled performance when it comes to adhesion, color strength and reactivity

DROGENBOS, (December 18, 2017) – allnex, a global leader in energy-curable technology for industrial, graphics, consumer electronics, plastics and special purpose coatings and inks, today announced the launch of its new EBECRYL® LED 03, a unique UV LED booster set to solve the surface cure dilemma suffered by both flexo and inkjet inks, overprint varnish (OPV) applications on LED UV presses, and wood coatings.

UV LED curing and the coatings and inks markets – the pain points

By bringing in improved process efficiency, substantial cost savings (e.g. lower energy and lifetime replacement costs), not to mention a greener alternative to traditional mercury-vapor lamps, UV LED curing is rapidly gaining ground in many industries like wood coatings and adhesives, but particularly in that of packaging coatings and inks, which it has taken by storm.

While UV LED lamps have many benefits, UV LED curing users have been struggling with the reduced reactivity achieved with those lamps. To compensate, some operations have had to slow production speeds and employ high levels of expensive photo-initiators. Within the packaging coatings and inks market more specifically, there has been a growing need for better surface cure performance in UV LED-cured overprint varnishes (OPV) as well as flexo and inkjet inks, which available chemistries have not been able to meet until the arrival of EBECRYL® LED 03 on the market.

Ticking all the boxes and more – our EBECRYL® LED 03

With its groundbreaking EBECRYL® LED 03 resin, allnex not only offers a solution to the market’s longstanding pain points by guaranteeing formulators a faster and more complete surface cure, it also goes the extra mile by further enhancing other properties like adhesion and pigment wetting and has the added benefit of being low migration. With these features, unmatched by any other available chemistry, this product is set to revolutionize the industry.

Key benefits and features of EBECRYL® LED 03 include:

  • Faster production with complete surface cure;
  • Unrivaled performance when it comes to adhesion, color strength and reactivity;
  • Ease of incorporation with most acrylate oligomers and monomers;
  • Compliance with the major industry regulations such as REACH and Nestle/Swiss. TSCA status for this product is expected soon.

Samples can already be ordered through your allnex sales representative, through email at CR_LED_REQ@allnex.com.