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Allnex Introduces EBECRYL® 898, A multi-functional Binder for Matte and Ultra-Matte Effect Coatings

1 марта 2016 г Innovation
“The resin system is an ideal blending partner because it is compatible with polymers and matting agents." Marie-Astrid Goes, Global Marketing Manager

Brussels - March 1st, 2016 – Like in the fashion scene, design trends in many applications vary over time and need to be embraced by manufacturers. Ultra-matt finishes are a popular trend today in many industries. In order to meet this new market need, Allnex is launching EBECRYL® 898, a solvent-free UV curable binder.

The new EBECRYL 898 binder is based on polyester acrylate chemistry. When combined with a matting agent, EBECRYL 898 helps to achieve substrate-specific end properties on wood, resilient flooring, plastic and paper foil substrates, without the need for added solvent or monofunctional diluents.

EBECRYL 898 provides an outstanding ultra-matt effect to the final coating. Indeed, the new polyester acrylate has been specifically designed to obtain very low gloss levels of < 5 at a 60° angle without sacrificing mechanical performance properties. Importantly, these gloss levels are stable and do not increase over time, even under high-speed curing conditions or in formulations  stored for months.

Furthermore, compared to conventional low-gloss systems, coatings that contain EBECRYL 898 require less matting agents, leading to enhanced rheology, transparency, and stain and scratch resistance properties. An improved ‘soft feel’ effect can also be attained.

This new solvent-free resin can be used in ultra-low and low gloss finishes applied at a wide range of dry film thicknesses ranging from 3 to 100 microns. In addition, it is suitable for clear and colored systems used as top coats or self-sealing coatings that are applied by spray-, curtain, or roller coating.

“EBECRYL 898 has a white, milky, creamy aspect. Once fully cured, however, it becomes transparent and its ultra matt properties are realized,” comments Marie-Astrid Goes, Global Marketing Manager for UV/EB curable resins at Allnex. “The resin system is an ideal blending partner because it is compatible with polymers and matting agents that are commonly used in 100% solids radiation cured coatings, and can be cured over the full spectrum of UV light (even up to 120 microns thickness) or with LED or electron-beam radiation. Considering that EBECRYL 898 can also be used for clear and pigmented systems, this binder is a real all-round solution that will accommodate a high number of end applications, providing formulators of low- and ultra-matt coatings the flexibility and performance they need.“

For more information about EBECRYL 898 contact us at http://allnex.com/ebecryl898