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allnex announces substantial strides in 2019-2023 sustainability commitments

8 апреля 2020 г Corporate
"Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of allnex’s strategy and we are grateful to our colleagues, our customers and all partners for their dedication and the passion demonstrated this year.” Michela Fusco, Head of Sustainability
Frankfurt, GERMANY (April 8, 2020)allnex, the leading global supplier of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers, is proud to share the considerable progress made on its sustainability goals, set only a year ago, in April 2019. allnex aims to reach its six targets by 2023, and believes the achievements in the past year alone are a strong indicator that the company is on the right track to fully meet its ambitions by then.
Michela Fusco, Head of Sustainability at allnex, commends the work done across the entire company throughout the past year in support of those targets: “Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of allnex’s strategy and we are grateful to our colleagues, our customers and all partners for their dedication and the passion demonstrated this year.
Outlined below is an update on where allnex stands today with regard to each of its six sustainability targets set in April 2019.
  • We will dedicate annually 90% of corporate product development resources to projects making a positive impact on the environment
We are proud to say that we are over-achieving in our commitment. Over 90% of the efforts of the allnex Corporate Innovation Group are spent on projects with positive sustainability impact. We measure this impact using the allnex sustainability scorecard.
  • We will reduce non-renewable energy purchases by 15% in 5 years, measured by consumption per ton of product
We have achieved the expected energy efficiency improvement in 2019 following proven methods from our legacies. We are now assessing and investigating new approaches and we feel confident allnex will fully meet and possibly exceed its 2023 ambition.
  • We will produce over 40% of our production volume under ISO50001 certification by 2023
We are on track to achieve the over 40% of production volume under ISO-50001, with 27% of volume manufactured under ISO-50001 in 2019.
  • We will map sustainable sourcing options for renewable, recycled and lower carbon footprint materials
We set up a sustainable materials data repository and were able to evaluate 100% of the suppliers on our target list in 2019.
  • We will implement sustainable ​product portfolio management practices
We also made great strides to implement our sustainable portfolio management system. Last year, over 90% of our stage-gate projects were assessed using the allnex sustainability scorecard.
Last year, we began to develop a more structured, robust sustainability portfolio management (SPM) process. ​Through the SPM, we aim to categorize our products by analyzing their sustainable benefits and challenges, using a fact-based methodology.
“Sustainable Portfolio Management is the keystone of our Sustainability Program. It enables us to steer our product offering and innovation pipeline in line with the sustainability needs of the market and to support our customers, end-markets, and stakeholders”, says ​Benoit De Becker, VP Strategy & Innovation.
A decisive step towards achieving this particular target in 2020 will be the launch of our new ECOWISE™ CHOICE sustainable product portfolio, to be announced in the coming weeks.
Michela Fusco, Head of Sustainability: “We are devoted to acting across various areas of sustainability to develop new products and services and to improve our internal operations. We want to mark this continued commitment by introducing ECOWISE™, the new allnex attribute for all initiatives with a sustainability value. Our new sustainability tagline, Be ECOWISE™, underlines our dedication to pursuing a greener and more sustainable future together with our customers – to Be ECOWISE™ together.
  • We will develop a waste and water consumption tracking system
In 2019, we standardized monitoring of our diverse heritage tracking systems around waste and water consumption. With this new standard in place, we will now in 2020 put special emphasis on waste and water reduction projects across all of our sites, as part of our “Primavera Initiative” .
Miguel Mantas, CEO at allnex, adds: “As an original inventor of technologies and processes that are today viewed as basic sustainability milestones in the world of industrial coating resins, such as powder resins, waterborne industrial resins, energy-curable or very high-solid solventborne resins (etc.), allnex has more than 70 years of tradition in spearheading and coining sustainability in this space. I am excited to see that despite this very long track record, every year our experts keep coming up with new solutions and optimizing our sustainability footprint further, for the benefit of our customers and partners, but also for a better world in general.”