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allnex Announces Release of New UV-Curable Soft Touch Oligomers

15 марта 2017 г Innovation
Release of both the EBECRYL® 8896 and EBECRYL® 8894 into the global market.

Shanghai, China: (March 10) – allnex, a leading producer of coating resins and additives globally, is proud to announce they have released both the EBECRYL® 8896 and EBECRYL® 8894 into the global market.

Carefully crafted by allnex chemists, the EBECRYL 8896 & EBECRYL 8894 resins can be used separately or blended in different increments to produce a variety of soft touch sensations (including silky, velvety, rubbery, leathery etc.) while still maintaining superb scratch and abrasion resistance. EBECRYL 8896 is the core oligomer, while the EBECRYL 8894 is the performance promoter.

“After several conversations with our customers, we realized we were missing the opportunity to improve upon existing soft-touch oligomers currently in the market,” says Yan Lee, Global Marketing Manager CE/IP, allnex. “We understand how much product feel factors into consumers’ decision in the purchasing process, and these resins allow a variety of touch sensations to be created, specifically targeting the consumer preference.”

Soft-touch is currently one of most popular aesthetic trends in the coating market, and is used extensively in the consumer electronics, appliances, automotive interiors, packaging and furniture markets.

For more information or to request a sample, please click here.