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allnex Additives Expand Reach in Brazil

30 сентября 2020 г Corporate

September 30, 2020 - allnex, the leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering a broad range of Additives, Liquid Resins, Powder Coating resins, UV Cure resins and Crosslinkers for use on architectural, wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces, is excited to announce both the widespread availability of Additives in the region plus the appointment of dedicated expert Tonimari Pedroso.

allnex has always been recognized as a leader in providing resins and additives globally and now offer widespread availability to the South American market. Our Ponta Grossa location has worked diligently to expand the site to produce a wide variety of products to meet the needs of the market for both resins and additives.

Another exciting feature is the addition of the Additive Finder to the allnex website this summer. This solution-based feature allows the user to select what properties are needed (such as gloss improver, scratch-resistant additive, wetting agent, flow modifiers and more) – or conversely, what defects they’ve had issues with (including such things poor gloss, loss of adhesion, poor drying etc.) to receive a list of our additives that fit their requirements.

“I am really excited to be leading the Additives team in Brazil,” says Tonimari Pedroso, Sales Manager. “You’ll see that our range of products on the Additive Finder offer not only the same – or better - features as our competitors, but also a synergy with our resins to solve a variety of issues for our customers. It’s exciting to be able to offer a complete solution to the industry including both our local and global technical support.”

With over 12 years in coatings manufacturing plus an additional 15 years of experience in resins and additives, Tonimari brings an expertise to Brazilian customers that will expedite their product development delivering custom solutions to the market efficiently & cost effectively. His wide range of knowledge allows him to deep dive into the needs of the customer and offer complete solutions.

We invite you to check out our Additive Finder and contact Tonimari Pedroso with any questions.