ADDITOL® XW 6565 - Formulate ultra-low VOC high solids solventborne and water-based architectural paints with ADDITOL® XW 6565

ADDITOL® XW 6565 is a universal, glycol-free, polymeric multifunctional grinding medium that has been specially developed for the production of low-VOC point-of-sale (POS) and in-plant colorants. It shows optimized pigment loading, outstanding weather durability, and excellent color performance. The product is also Eco-label compliant for outdoor and indoor paint varnishes.

Importantly, ADDITOL® XW 6565 allows the dispersion and stabilization of pigments without negatively influencing the final paint properties. It can be used in all direct grinding or slurry processes. The product is modified with strong anchoring groups and has many advantages, such as a selective drying capacity, crosslinking ability, anti-settling and anti-floating effects, and compatibility with solventborne and water-based systems. Air dry paints formulated with ADDITOL® XW 6565 also benefit from improved humidity and blocking resistance.