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Next generation cobalt free driers ADDITOL® dry CF 103 series and the revolution of hardness determination

3 июня 2021 г Innovation

Allnex is launching a new cobalt-free drier ADDITOL dry CF 103 to our existing innovative range of driers for solvent borne and water based oxidatively drying paint and ink systems. This portfolio of ‘next-generation’ driers are highly efficient for set and through drying of alkyd based systems used in architectural, industrial coatings and ink applications.  With this new range the allnex additives R&D team builds upon the allnex sustainability initiatives of be ECOWISE™; answering the industry challenge of bringing more environmentally products to the market – while not sacrificing performance.  Deployed in modern air-drying formulations, they fully comply with impending regulations on the use of cobalt paint driers, are free of carcinogenic labelling (CMR Cat. 1B),  low to near zero in VOC and have a high flashpoint.

Key benefits of ADDITOL dry CF 103 cobalt-free driers :
  • Excellent performance stability
  • Early hardness development
  • Improved corrosion resistance for Direct-To-Metal applications
  • Improved surface wrinkling allowing for high end film appearance
  • Used to develop low VOC alkyd paints and conventional ink formulations
  • Low discoloration – improved yellowing over traditional cobalt driers
  • Universal use – compatible with water-based, solvent-based, high solids and
    ultra-high solids paints, natural oil as well as ink formulations

“Prototypenbau Meister GmbH” in Austria joined the project with a new hardness measurement device that complies with DEN EN ISO 1522. The revolutionary instrument enables the detection of lateral deflections and the constant observation of amplitudes during the entire measurement for the precise determination of the damping coefficient. A special camera technology allows improved degrees of accuracy for characterizing the damping oscillation by taking over 500 pictures per second.
The new prototype device brings meticulous measurement into our product research reflecting in
improved reproducibility of hardness data, high degree of accuracy of measurements and reduced human error rate through fully automatized measurement process.

“This portfolio of ‘next-generation’ driers is highly efficient for set and through drying of alkyd based systems used in architectural, industrial coatings and ink applications”, says Bernhard Hirschmann – Head of Additives Business Development & Innovation.