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Indirect Food Packaging Applications - EBECRYL® LEO 10103 Self-Curing Resin Gives Ink and Coating Formulators Freedom-to-Formulate while Eliminating Photoinitiator Migration Concerns

1 сентября 2015 г Innovation
“The development of EBECRYL LEO 10103 was the next logical step in the broadening of our portfolio of low-migration products for UV cured inks and coatings.” Scott Auger, Global Marketing Manager

Brussels, September 1, 2015 – EBECRYL® LEO 10103 is the latest addition to Allnex’s product range of UV curable self-curing acrylate resins which eliminate concerns about the migration of low molecular weight photoinitiators in indirect food packaging applications. This new resin does not contain co-initiators thus ink makers have more freedom-to-formulate for their specific pigment and curing requirements. 

Low migration inks for indirect food packaging continue to get increasing market attention. Allnex is therefore strengthening its portfolio of easy-to-use, self-curing resins for low migration inks and coatings by launching the new self-curing resin EBECRYL LEO 10103.

Unlike the other self-curing resins in Allnex’s portfolio, EBECRYL LEO 10103 contains no synergist which is necessary to be added separately.  The experienced ink or coating formulator may appreciate the freedom to choose their own synergist type and amount for optimal performance in their application.  Moreover, being a low viscosity acrylate, this self-curing resin is compatible with most acrylate oligomers and monomers, which facilitates its use in production.
EBECRYL LEO 10103 is specifically recommended for offset, flexo and screen inks used in food packaging.  While OPV’s can also benefit from its good surface and depth of cure, inks can show increased reactivity combined with good flow.

Like other members of Allnex’s EBECRYL LEO self-curing resins range, EBECRYL LEO 10103 resin has photoinitiating species built into the acrylate backbone, which makes the use of photoinitiators unnecessary. It is produced under “good manufacturing processes” which means that very pure, high quality raw materials are used and its production process has been optimized to avoid residual contaminants. 

 “The development of EBECRYL LEO 10103 was the next logical step in the broadening of our portfolio of low-migration products for UV cured inks and coatings,” notes Scott Auger, Global Marketing Manager, UV/EB Curable resins with Allnex. “We wanted to offer more flexibility and freedom-to-formulate by not including any built-in synergist. This makes this new resin ideal for low migration inks and coatings for indirect food packaging as ink makers, convertors and brand owners strive to completely eliminate the risk of chemical migration to the food”, he concludes.