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DISCOVER ACURE™ – a toolbox approach to enhanced application-specific performance

27 октября 2022 г Innovation
Allnex highlights ACURE™, a newly developed and patented non-isocyanate resin chemistry based on Michael Addition to be shared with the coatings industry via a live webinar on November 16.  Allnex experts will present the current ACURE™ toolbox and demonstrate that this technology offers premium performance across a range of application fields. Moreover they will provide several examples and guidelines to successfully formulate ACURE™ for example; ACE, Marine & Protective, General Industry, Flooring and Wood applications.

Previously, the Michael Addition reaction has been too fast and difficult to control for practical use in coatings. Allnex has developed and patented new technology which harnesses the ACURE™ speed by using a unique CO2 blocked catalyst and kinetic control additives which gives the paint formulator the tools needed to use ACURE™ across a number of different application fields and conditions.

In addition, this cutting edge 2K technology offers significant sustainability advantages and energy-saving potential, as it is a low VOC, isocyanate-free system that can be applied and cured at room temperature without the need for tin catalysts in the paint formulation. The polyester-based resin chemistry also allows for easy introduction of various renewable raw materials while maintaining excellent coating performance.

Since its introduction, the range of ACURE™ applications has been expanding rapidly, triggering the development of new acryloyl- and malonate-functional binders, catalysts and formulations. Significant advances were made in adhesion robustness, appearance, VOC reduction and overall performance profile tunability. Also, layer systems were developed, combining this Michael Addition technology with a range of ideally suited primer and sealer systems.

This webinar will be hosted by UL Prospector on November 16 starting at 0900 EST / 1500 CET.  
Dr. Bart Noordover (ACURE™ R&D Leader) and Robert Skarvan (Director Business Development Americas) will be delivering the presentations and are eager to present ACURE™, the most sustainable and promising technology and its possibilities.

To register :
WEBINAR: ACURE™ – Application-Specific Performance (ulprospector.com)

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