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Allnex LRA launches highly sustainable, non-isocyanate layer systems based on new ACURE™ TOPCOAT and KETAC Primer

26 октября 2021 г Innovation
Allnex LRA (Liquid Resins and Additives) introduces newly developed, highly sustainable non-isocyanate layer systems based on a new ACURE™ topcoat and KETAC primer systems to be shared with the coatings industry via Webinar on November 9.  New very fast curing ACURE topcoats have been applied and tested over very fast curing KETAC primer delivering a layer system provides the ultimate in a sustainable, highly productive, non-isocyanate primer-topcoat system. 

Additionally, testing of the new ACURE topcoat over allnex’s patented very fast dry, EASY CURE waterborne epoxy primer is also described.  The combinations of these layer systems will enable highly productive, sustainable possibilities in a broad range of global applications in the ACE, Rail, Aerospace, Marine & Protective and the General Metal markets, not seen before in the coatings industry.

This webinar will be hosted by UL Prospector on November 9 starting at 0900 EST / 1500 CET.   Dr. Bart Noordover (Global ACURE R&D Leader) and Robert Skarvan (Global Marketing Director LRA) will be delivering the presentations and are eager to bring these most sustainable and promising technologies  and possibilities to our customer base.

“This presentation underscores three highly relevant aspects of these, new sustainable systems.  Firstly, ACURE is new technology and new binder and formulation iterations such as those Bart will be describing will accelerate our customers speed to market.  Secondly, ACURE is an Eco-superstar with extremely high bio content potential of over 80%.  Thirdly, allnex is not only providing high quality paint solutions leveraging world class resin know-how but also our unique ability to provide synergies and solutions across layers; in layer systems”, says Robert Skarvan

To register :
WEBINAR: New ACURE™ Topcoat Based Non-Isocyanate Layer Systems (ulprospector.com)

For more information about our ACURE systems :
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