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allnex expands production capacity for the U.S. waterborne resins market to meet growing demand

14 марта 2022 г Corporate
  • Production facilities upgrade for waterborne coating resins at the Langley plant in South Carolina, USA, to meet the growing need and support the market transition to green technologies
  • Investment supports allnex’s commitment to the development and supply of sustainable resins for the coatings industry
allnex, the global leader in sustainable and innovative resins for industrial coatings, announces a significant investment in waterborne resin capacity and capabilities for the North American market.  
This investment is an important part of allnex’s strategic plan to lead the industry in the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly resins. It also responds to the growing demand for waterborne resins in the North American coatings market, driven by changing legislation and consumer demands. This investment allows allnex to stimulate and support the industry's transition to greener solutions.
A multimillion-dollar investment has been made to significantly modernize and expand our manufacturing assets at our Langley, South Carolina, site. This will result in increased production capacity of waterborne resins, particular acrylics, epoxy and polyurethane dispersions. Our main target markets will be industrial applications and specialized  decorative applications.
"Offering greener solutions to our customers is a key strategic priority for allnex worldwide. In the North American market we see a growing need for high performance waterborne resins to support the transition to greener coatings. Increasing capacity at our Langley site allows us to better support our customers on this transformation journey. And it is in line with our strategic priority to develop our portfolio towards greener technologies and be a true solution provider to our customers,” - says Ruben Mannien, Executive Vice President – LRA.
"North America is one of the world’s strategic markets for allnex. This investment shows the determination of allnex to continue its growth in this region. With this investment, allnex will expand its presence in green technology and improve its service capabilities and efficiency, deepen its collaboration and innovation with customers, and contribute to a greener, more innovative transformation of the coatings industry”- says Miguel Mantas, allnex CEO.
The plant upgrades, which will include a new multipurpose pilot facility, will begin at the Langley plant in the second half of 2022, with additional production at the new facilities expected to begin in early 2024. 
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