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15 февраля 2022 г Innovation
Allnex, the global leading supplier of resins and additives for coatings, introduces the  latest ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio of environmentally friendly products for Packaging and Inks Coatings. The Packaging and Inks product range offers a range of waterborne, radiation curing and powder coating resins (e.g., DAOTAN®, RESYDROL®, DUROFTAL®, EBECRYL®, CRYLCOAT®) to meet industry needs. Allnex’s  latest  ECOWISE™ CHOICE product range is our  3rd and precedes our successful portfolios for Industrial Wood and Buildings & Decorative Coating applications.

The Packaging and Inks industry is transforming as consumers increasingly look for  customizable and versatile solutions that reduce their environmental footprint. Consequently, the market is driven by the demand for high-performance coatings and inks that also minimize substances of concern, reduce waste, have minimal impact on recyclability and enable circularity. ECOWISE™ CHOICE solutions for primers, topcoats, barrier coatings, and overprint varnishes, enable brand owners, formulators, and converters  to meet the stringent sustainability requirements of the industry while delivering exceptional performance. The products featured are free of substances of concern and provide  environmental benefits through energy efficiency, lower carbon footprint and waste reduction.

“We are proud to say that our ECOWISE CHOICE portfolio is a significant key stone in  our company’s sustainability promise, because  with this product range  we comply with the most stringent regulations applied in  the coating industry for the various market applications. With the latest launch for the Packaging and Inks Coating Industry, we can  again  meet our customers' demand for environmental friendly resins. Let’s  be ECOWISE together!”, says  
Davy De Clercq, Head of Sustainability.

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Sustainable allnex's ECOWISE CHOICE™ portfolio for packaging and inks (specialchem.com)

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