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allnex Announces Diversity & Inclusion Program

28 июня 2021 г Corporate
allnex, the leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering a broad range of resins including those for powders, UV cure, additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces, proud to announce the implementation of a global Diversity and Inclusion program.
At allnex, we believe that our diverse backgrounds, talents and ideas make us stronger and enable us to meet our ambition to be the leading coating resins company for our customers.
To prove our commitment to our core value of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), we have created a Diversity & Inclusion Team in the United States. Teams are currently being created in our other regions and will be launched in the near future.
The U.S. D&I team has been working to identify the metrics and goals that will be the focus for this critical topic.
Through extensive research and analysis, we have decided to focus on Training, Recruitment, and Retention-Inclusion: three areas where we feel a significant impact can be made through D&I efforts.
Below, we publicly announce our metrics to hold ourselves accountable to meet our goals.
Metric 1 – Training
Education is critical to build awareness about D&I. We are therefore implementing an e-learning program to educate and build awareness of a manager’s role in diversity; how to build a diverse team and promote their development. As part of the pilot, all US managers, supervisors and front-line leaders will be enrolled in an e-learning course on the topic, with 95-100% for the pilot.
Metric 2 - Recruitment
While the age distribution within allnex is currently spread relatively equally over the different age buckets, there is an opportunity to recruit talent from the newest generation of workers to ensure we have an equal representation of ideas and ways of working. Our goal is a focus on hiring young professionals to ensure there is a mixed representation present in the many levels of our business. We will do this by enhancing our employer branding, target diverse communities and associations, as well as connecting with colleges and universities to stay close to the emerging workforce.
Metric 3 - Retention
It’s important that allnex not only recruits diverse talent, but also ensures they stay with us for the long-term. The D&I team’s approach is to ensure diverse candidates are selected for existing internal programs aimed at personal development. Additionally, the team is brainstorming new avenues to further promote inclusion and team building, such as affinity groups for certain roles.
“Together as a pilot team we have had a lot of great discussions on the topic of D&I and are excited in announcing our metrics to really start moving the needle and challenging ourselves to improve. We have seen a lot of great progress already in the states and are getting ready to roll out the program globally.” Tina Collins, Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, allnex.
We look forward to sharing more information and developments with you about our US team, as well as updates when our teams in other regions are created.
For more information, please contact tina.collins@allnex.com.