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Allnex’s JV partner DAICEL-ALLNEX to exhibit at RADTECH ASIA 2022

11 августа 2022 г Trade Show
DAICEL-ALLNEX, a member of allnex group in Japan, will be participating in RadTech Asia 2022 at the Tsukuba International Congress Center in Ibaraki (Japan) on August 24 – 26, 2022.

The ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio – allnex’s selection of products such as UV / EB/ LED curable resins will be presented at the booth in support of the allnex - “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs), which were created by United Nations Sustainable Development. The product range offers green solutions that have optimal end-use performance and meets strict environmental, health and safety requirements in the industry.

Visitors are welcome to the booth (no. 31) to meet the experts and technical representatives to learn more about allnex’s latest sustainable and innovative products, which are continually developing for customer-specific solutions for a variety of market applications.

In addition, the team is excited to share the insights about UV curable powder and energy curable resins with the 2 presentations at the show.

Title : Sustainable coating process by UV curable powder

Date & Time : 26th August 2022, 15:10 – 15:30

Speaker : K.Yamamoto, DAICEL-ALLNEX

ABSTRACT: UV curable powder coating (known as UV-Powders) represents a new sustainable coating technology which combines many advantages of conventional thermosetting powder coating and liquid UV cure coating technologies. UV powders contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC). They can be easily applied on flat and three dimensional substrates by electrostatic spray. Over sprayed powder can be recycled up to 98% material utilization efficiency. Unlike thermosetting powder coatings, the UV -Powder does not start cross-linking under the influence of heat. This allows optimum flow-out and smooth finishes to be achievable at low temperatures (110-140℃). Fast curing is also achieved by a free-radical reaction.

Title : Approach from acrylate materials towards sustainable development goals

Date & Time : 26th August 2022, 15:30 – 15:50

Speaker : F.Tanabiki, DAICEL-ALLNEX

ABSTRACT: Photocurable acrylates contribute to the efficient use of renewable energy because of the higher reactivity than thermosetting resins, make the process more compact, and widely used in the industrial fields for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With the widespread use, there is a growing demand for replacement with safer materials such as polyesters disused bisphenol, urethane prepolymers disused organic tin, etc. In addition, solvent-free acrylates contribute to the reduction of VOC emissions. Acrylates using biomass-derived materials such as cellulose derivatives are expected to contribute to carbon-neutral. Through the development of these materials, introducing our approach toward SDGs.

Looking forward to seeing you there!