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Allnex’ Thermoplastic Acrylics (TPA) portfolio enables excellent performance in many of the coating markets we serve

22 июня 2021 г Trade Show
With the extensive portfolio of Thermoplastic Acrylic (TPA) resins, allnex globally available resins are used in the development of coating systems for a variety of markets, like industrial,  decorative, construction, vehicle refinish, marine and protective. The resins, branded SETALUX® and VIACRYL® can be used as the primary binder or as a blending binder and provide excellent adhesion to various substrates like metal, plastic and cement. They are also used in diverse applications like; road marking, industrial maintenance and aerosols.

Some key features of the SETALUX and VIACRYL resins :
- Improved durability
- High gloss
- Alkali resistance
- Fast drying
- Adhesion  to a broad substrate range
- Optimized appearance

“Whether you are looking to develop new technologies or are looking for a new partner, we strongly recommend you to consider allnex’ globally available portfolio of TPA’s as these multi-use resins will support you to find the best solutions for your customers , says Tim Kittler (Marketing Manager USA).

Recently we launched our dedicated webpage Thermoplastic Acrylics | allnex – Coating Resins Company - allnex.
Here we present some of our exceptional TPA resins designed for use across a broad range of applications.
Resin Finder
Please feel free to browse our full line in our product resin finder or contact Kathy Short (Kathy.short@allnex.com) one of our experts who can guide you to the right product.