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30 декабря 2020 г Corporate

In 2020 we have achieved significant milestones regarding sustainability and have made important progress, meeting our ambition to pursue a more sustainable future with our stakeholders:

  • In April  we  introduced our new sustainability tagline,  be ECOWISE™, the new allnex attribute for all initiatives with a sustainability value.  It underlines our dedication to pursuing a greener and more sustainable future together with our customers – to be ECOWISE jointly;

  • In May we launched the ECOWISE CHOICE and ECOWISE VALUE portfolio’s which underlines our sustainability product management efforts;

  • In September we joined United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

The ECOWISE CHOICE product selection meets the most stringent sustainability requirements in the industry and answers the need for measurable sustainability performance assessments, in a specific market and application context. It is especially designed to deliver the greatest combined value for our customers, the society and the environment. This first range is designed for the Industrial Wood market and it covers applications like flooring, furniture, cabinets and other wood specialty applications.  Furthermore, we have already started to work on the creation of the next ECOWISE CHOICE product portfolios for the packaging and construction markets.

As ECOWISE CHOICE meets the most stringent sustainability requirements we are also aware of the diversity of needs in the market.  Therefore, we have created the ECOWISE VALUE portfolio which enables us to help our customers and value chain partners to meet their specific sustainability objectives. The ECOWISE VALUE product range delivers a much broader set of products with important sustainability benefits along the 5 allnex sustainability pillars: circular economy, renewable sourcing, air emissions, efficiency and safer materials.

  1. Visit our website:
    Our ECOWISE™ CHOICE page: https://www.allnex.com/en/technologies/ecowise-choice
    Our sustainability page: https://www.allnex.com/en/info-hub/sustainability

  2.   Read our recent press release on our 2019-2023 sustainability targets: https://www.allnex.com/en/info-hub/news/allnex-announces-substantial-strides-in-2019-2023-

  3. Download our ECOWISE™ CHOICE brochure on Industrial Wood: https://www.allnex.com/en/info-hub/brochures?keywords=ecowise

  4. Contact your local sales representative for more information.