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Yellowing belongs to the past with allnex newest product innovation DAOTAN® 7061/35WA

jun 1, 2021 Innovation
allnex,  a global leader in industrial coating resins, today announces the launch of
DAOTAN® 7061/35WA, a new, universal, premium polyurethane dispersion developed for the  Automotive OEM and Vehicle Refinish coating markets.  The 7061 adds significant value to the allnex polyurethane dispersion portfolio coming from its remarkable versatility and high performance in multiple application areas including waterborne Automotive and Refinish Basecoats, Automotive interior and exterior primers and general industrial applications.
DAOTAN 7061/35WA is an emulsifier free, high molecular weight, aliphatic urethane-acrylic-hybrid aqueous dispersion with excellent shear stability.   When cured at ambient temperature, DAOTAN 7061/35WA yields clear, crack-free films without cosolvents/coalescent or additives.

Key benefits and features of DAOTAN TW 7061/35WA  include:
  • Unique thermal yellowing stability up to 200°C
  • Outstanding appearance and bright metallic effects in WB Basecoats
  • Excellent mechanical properties e.g. stone chip resistance properties
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastics
  • Very good outdoor durability

Hans Schellekens, Marketing Manager Automotive, says: “DAOTAN TW 7061 is by far the most versatile polyurethane dispersion in our product range. It should be the first choice for all automotive customers when starting a new WB primer, basecoat or topcoat development.

For additional information : Automotive OEM - allnex