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allnex wins Sustainability Award at RadTech 2024

jun 3, 2024 Corporate Trade Show
allnex is excited to share that we have won the 2024 Sustainability Award from RadTech.
Presented at the 2024 RadTech UV&EB Technology & Conference - the premier event for the UV+EB industry - on May 21, 2024 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando in Orlando Florida, the award celebrates the achievements of UV+EB technology stakeholders, such as raw material suppliers and end users who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.

Congratulations to the other winners of the award – Avery Dennison Corp., MacDermid Graphics Solutions, Cypris Materials, Inc., and Allied UV . Being among this list of other key players in the UV+EB industry makes us very proud and gives this award an even greater significance.

Reducing carbon footprints for building and construction

allnex collaborated to develop a customized UV-Curable Resin for 3D-Printed homes with Mighty Buildings, an innovative California company that uses 3D printing technology to manufacture sustainable and climate-resilient high-quality homes.  In this sustainability-focused partnership, allnex provides the materials Mighty Buildings uses to print the predesigned parts that are then assembled in progressive kit-of-parts construction to build homes onsite. The panels are critical elements helping the company in its drive towards more sustainable building solutions, featuring 80% automated production, 99% less construction waste, and 60% recycled printing materials. The homes can be built in half the time of conventional homes, by combining materials science with robotics and automation, as it is a goal of Mighty Buildings to make carbon-neutral housing a reality for everyone.  By combining just the right monomer and oligomer, allnex customizes the formulation for the company’s special technology, which cures each extruded layer on the spot using a UV light attached to the nozzle.  

Eileen Weber, TS&BD Director for the Americas, had the honor of accepting the award on behalf of allnex.

“I’m really proud of our allnex team, says Eileen. “We’ve worked hard to bring products to market that support the Sustainability initiatives of the chemical and materials industry as a whole, so to be recognized for our efforts is a definite sign we’re heading in the right direction.” 

Sustainability is central to who we are

While striving to provide customers with quality, high-performance products, allnex also prioritizes sustainability as a critical factor in developing new products as well as in entering into collaborative projects. One key step we have taken has been to create a sustainable portfolio management process.  Through this process, we aim to categorize our products by analyzing their sustainable benefits and challenges, using a fact-based methodology.  The result is our ever-growing ECOWISE™ product portfolio. The maxim “be ECOWISE™” reflects our mission of acting across various areas of sustainability, with the double aim of both developing new products and services and improving our internal operations. The precept underlines our dedication and commitment to pursuing a greener and more sustainable future alongside our customers.

As proof of our transformation towards a more sustainable future, in 2023 allnex was rated as an EcoVadis Platinum putting us among the top 1% of all companies distinguished by exceptional green policies, actions and results! EcoVadis is an internationally recognized sustainability rating agency that has been benchmarking our sustainability efforts and tracking our progress since 2019.

Thank you

A heartfelt thank you to our employees and our clients. Your vision, hard work and dedication made this award possible. We couldn’t ask for better motivation to keep us committed to a sustainable and inclusive future.