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allnex is thrilled to exhibit again at the ECS

mar 6, 2023 Trade Show
allnex is thrilled to announce that it will exhibit again at the ECS - March 28-30 in Nuremberg/Germany (stand 1-339). 

During the 3-day show, we will showcase to the industry our broad and sustainable product portfolio of automotive and transportation, industrial metal and wood, packaging and ink, and other specialty coatings. The product portfolio reflects our latest R&D developments in which innovation and sustainability are strongly interwoven. 

Furthermore, the Show is also about hospitality, meeting each other again, and therefore the perfect spot to welcome you to a meet & greet customer event on our stand, March 28 – 04.30-06.00 PM CET. During the event we will be pleased to share our views on our joint sustainability journey. 

Sustainability has become a common thread globally, with the goal of together creating a more environmentally focused society both now and in the near future. It is key part of the allnex worldwide strategy, continuously taking further steps to develop lower environmental impact resin solutions. It is called: “be ECOWISE” and is both our promise and proposition. 

Therefore, we are proud to bring our innovative sustainable product range ECOWISE™ to the forefront at the European Coatings Show. As part of our sustainability approach for the ECOWISE™ products, we will highlight the main sustainability pillars that have been addressed while achieving the performance needs of the various markets. To get a flavour: 

•    Renewable sourcing: 
     Industrial Wood:  SETAQUA® 8800  , SETAQUA® 8850, EBECRYL® 6000, 
     UCECOAT® 7999
     Industrial Metal/Architectural powder coatings: CRYLCOAT® E 04342 

•    Safer materials: 
     Industrial wood: IKEA R2 matte pigmented with waterborne 1K: SETAQUA® 6753 
     Graphic arts non-migrating initiators: EBECRYL® LEO 10101 / 10103 
     Waterborne stoving formaldehyde free crosslinker: CYMEL® NF 2254/80WA 

•    Energy efficiency: 
     Low energy – non isocyanate curing: ACURE™ + KETAC primer,
     SETAL® 7205 BA-86, SETALUX® 7006 SS-65 
     Low bake powders: (MDF) CRYLCOAT® E 2489-5 
     LED curing boosters: EBECRYL® LED 03-04-05

•    Air emissions: 
     Low emission waterborne PAD for metallic based coatings: SETAQUA® 6809

•    Circular economy:
     Alkali strippable UV/EB primer: EBECRYL® 577

Visit our booth and discover the world of allnex, where we showcase all our application areas. We are uniquely positioned with a broad reach of technology which gives us the means to innovate and find synergies between our technologies. Our staff is looking forward  to tell you more about the latest and greatest innovations and sustainability actions in our comfortable lounge area over a nice cup of coffee.  

Our presentations
We are proud to present following: 

Product presentations on the exhibition floor
We present a product presentation on the exhibition floor where our expert Pablo Marin will showcase Hybrid WB (UV) coating on wood with high sustainability value. March 29, 2023, 02.50-03.30 PM CET, Hall 3, stand no. 3-742.

Join any of our  3 lectures to be held March 27, 2023 :

12.00-12.30 PM CET
Session 5 - Novel waterborne acrylic technology for sustainable basecoat formulations, presenter Wouter Kloosterman

02.30-03.00 PM CET
Session 11 Novel Materials II Ultra-low temperature curing powder coating via real Michael addition, Presenter Dr. Pengcheng (Simon) Yang

05.30-06.00 PM CET
Session 10 Waterborne Coatings II - Waterborne one-component self-crosslinking polymer dispersions with high chemical resistance properties meeting Ikea R2 requirements, Presenter Dr. Dirk Mestach 

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