CYMEL® 701

CYMEL 701 resin is a methylated high imino melamine-formaldehyde resin. CYMEL 701 resin has good aromatic hydrocarbon tolerance and water dilutability. The reactivity of CYMEL 701 resin is high and has high tendency to self-condense, that may be used to increase the hardness and resistance properties of thermoplastic solvent borne and water borne polymers.

  • 地域

    Asia except China; Greater China

  • 製品グループ


  • 市場アプリケーション

    Automotive OEM; Coil & Pre-Coated Metal; Industrial Metal

  • セグメントアプリケーション

    Paint & Coatings

  • ケミストリー

    Amino crosslinkers

  • 技術

    Amino crosslinkers