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ADDITOL® VXW 6206 - drier/dryer/siccative - is an emulsified, nonylphenylethoxylate free combination drier of cobalt, lithium and zirconium. It may be added as siccative to all waterborne oxidatively drying alkyd resin paints, and is especially suitable for externally emulsified alkyd resin emulsions.
地域 Asia except China; Australia & New Zealand; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China; North and Latin America
製品グループ Additives
市場アプリケーション Additives; Decorative; Industrial Metal; Industrial Wood
セグメントアプリケーション Paint & Coatings
ケミストリー Additives
技術 Additives
配合の優位性 Dissolver qualified
Freeze-thaw stability
Good compatibility
用途の優位性 Faster cycle time
High reactivity
Suitable for lithography inks
最終製品の優位性 Improved hardness
グリーンな属性 Tin free
Formaldehyde free
Low free monomeric amine, lower sensitization risk and less harmful for environment
NMP free