SETAQUA® 37-6704

SETAQUA 37-6704 is an all acrylic emulsion which has been developed utilizing our patented gradient morphology technology. SETAQUA 6704 contains APE-free stabilizers that assist in retaining viscosity on tinting, excellent thickener response and enhance the exterior durability of the emulsion. Adhesion under wet or dry conditions to chalky, hydrophobic surfaces is outstanding and a good balance of in-can and application properties can be achieved due to compatibility with a wide range of additives

  • 地域

    ラテンアメリカ; 北アメリカ

  • 製品グループ

    Waterborne Acrylics

  • 市場アプリケーション


  • セグメントアプリケーション

    Paint & Coatings

  • ケミストリー

    Acrylic; 1K Acrylics

  • 技術

    Waterborne resins


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