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DAOTAN® TW 6429/40WA

DAOTAN® TW 6429/40WA is a hydroxy functional, aqueous aromatic polyurethane dispersion with shear stability, pigment compatibility giving highly flexible films when cured with isocyanates as well as melamine resins. These properties allow the formulation of highly flexible coating systems, especially for primers to coat plastics. Such systems have good adhesion to rigid PVC, polyamide, ABS, as well as untreated PP/EPDM. The assured adhesion to each plastic substrate requires individual investigation.
地域 Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China
製品グループ Waterborne PU Dispersions
市場アプリケーション Automotive OEM; Specialty Coatings
セグメントアプリケーション Paint & Coatings
ケミストリー Polyurethane
技術 Waterborne resins
配合の優位性 Shear stability
Good compatibility
最終製品の優位性 Higher adhesion to plastics
Improved flexibility
Improved stone chip resistance
グリーンな属性 Low/zero VOC