SETAL® 11-2412

SETAL 11-2412 is a medium soybean oil alkyd designed for use in a wide variety of high-quality air dry, force dry (160-180°F surface temperature) or bake finishes. This alkyd is an excellent choice for formulating fast setting traffic paints. SETAL 11-2412 is also an excellent choice for coatings on farm machinery, industrial implements and structural steel. Additional chemical resistance and enhanced performance may be obtained by crosslinking with melamine resin (e.g., Allnex Cymel® 303).

  • 地域

    ラテンアメリカ; 北アメリカ

  • 製品グループ

    Solventborne Alkyds

  • 市場アプリケーション

    Decorative; Industrial Metal; Construction Performance

  • セグメントアプリケーション

    Paint & Coatings; Performance Applications

  • ケミストリー

    Alkyd; Medium oil

  • 技術

    Solventborne/Solventfree resins

  • 用途の優位性

    Direct to Metal

    Faster cycle time

  • 最終製品の優位性

    High gloss potential

    Improved flexibility


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