CYREZ® 966

CYREZ 966 resin is a highly methylated melamine crosslinking agent and is the purest form of hexamethoxymethylmelamine available in our product line. Its high degree of alkylation coupled with its high monomer content makes CYREZ 966 resin an excellent crosslinker for applications where film flexibility is a premium, such as required in some coil and can coatings.

  • 地域

    ヨーロッパ、中東、アフリカ; ラテンアメリカ; 北アメリカ

  • 製品グループ

    C303 Type

  • 市場アプリケーション

    Tires & Rubber

  • セグメントアプリケーション

    Performance Applications

  • ケミストリー

    Amino crosslinkers; HMMM for tire & rubber

  • 技術

    Amino crosslinkers


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