VANCRYL® 926 is a very low Tg acrylic polymer for film printing applications in the graphic arts industry. Inks made from this polymer exhibit excellent gloss, adhesion to polyolefins, ice water crinkle resistance, and fine printing characteristics. These properties are needed when converting packaging printing from solvent-based formulations to water-based formulations.

  • Regions

    Latin America; North America

  • Product Group


  • Market Applications

    Packaging Coatings & Inks

  • Segment Applications

    Paint & Coatings

  • Chemistry


  • Technology

    Waterborne resins

  • Formulation Advantages

    Lower formulation cost

  • Application Advantages

    Suitable for flexography inks

  • Final Product Advantages

    High gloss potential

    Multi-substrate adhesion

  • Green Attributes

    Solvent free

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