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VIACRYL® 1111w/70MP

VIACRYL® 1111w/70MP is a radiation curable cathodic depositable acrylate binder. It exhibits very fast cure response when exposed to UV light or electron beam radiation. Preferred substrates to be coated are heat sensitive metals like metalised plastics or special heat sensitive alloys. After deposition, the coating films need a short drying of 10 minutes at 80 °C to get a melted and smooth film before the UV curing step. Cured films of VIACRYL® 1111w/70MP demonstrate good hardness, scratch and abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and are resistant to yellowing.
Regions Asia except China; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China; North and Latin America
Product Group Waterborne CED Others
Market Applications Industrial Metal
Segment Applications Paint & Coatings
Chemistry Acrylic
Technology Waterborne radiation curable resins
Application Advantages Circulation stability
Direct to Metal
Low temperature curing
Suitable for vacuum metallization
Lower energy consumption
Low temperature drying
Lower Film thickness
No or less odor
No or low flammability
Final Product Advantages Hardcoat
Block resistance
Abrasion resistance
High gloss potential
Higher adhesion to plastics
Improved chemical resistance
Improved scratch resistance
Low color for clearcoat
Improved edge coverage