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NUTECH Sanding Gelcoats have been specifically formulated for FRP parts which will be subsequently painted. They can be used for room temperature and heated mould applications. [eg. RTM]. Customer experiences have proven that these products can be post baked at temperatures up to 140oC for as long as two hours. They may also be used for utility, non-critical exterior applications. They are not intended (nor should they be used) as a surface coating for the marine, tub/shower or swimming pool industries. They should not be used for water immersion service, (boat hull, swimming pool, spa, water tank, etc.) even if painted.
Regions Australia & New Zealand
Product Group Gelcoat & Flowcoat
Market Applications Fabrication
Segment Applications Composites
Chemistry Unsaturated polyesters
Technology Gelcoat, Flowcoat, Topcoat