EBECRYL® 8412 is designed to be the primary resin for the formulation of UV curable automotive refinish body putties and general metals. It is characterized by excellent pigment wetting with good flexibility and surface hardness.

  • Regions

    Latin America; North America

  • Product Group

    Specialty Oligomers

  • Market Applications

    Automotive OEM; Industrial Metal

  • Segment Applications

    Paint & Coatings

  • Chemistry

    Urethane acrylates

  • Technology

    Radiation curable resins

  • Formulation Advantages

    Good compatibility

    Long potlife

  • Application Advantages

    Faster cycle time

    Long potlife

    Low temperature curing

    Lower energy consumption

    No or low flammability

  • Final Product Advantages

    Excellent adhesion

    Improved hardness

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