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BECKOCURE™ EH 2261w/41WA is a hydrophobic amine hardener especially for the formulation of waterborne metal coatings, free of volatile basic amines and solvents. In combination with epoxy dispersions fast drying Primers and Monocoats with excellent corrosion protection and very good non-sagging properties can be formulated, which show good adhesion on untreated, smooth or galvanized steel substrates.

  • Regions

    Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • Product Group

    Waterborne Epoxy Hardeners

  • Market Applications

    Industrial Metal; Automotive OEM; Marine & Protective; Construction Performance

  • Segment Applications

    Paint & Coatings; Performance Applications

  • Chemistry

    Amine hardeners

  • Technology

    Waterborne resins

  • Formulation Advantages

    Good pigment wetting properties

    Shear stability

  • Application Advantages

    Direct to Metal

    Faster cycle time

    No or less odor

    Reduced surface preparation

    Electrostatic spray

  • Final Product Advantages

    Direct to metal

    Fast return to service

  • Green Attributes

    Low/zero VOC

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