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EBECRYL® 3700 is the diacrylate ester of a bisphenol A epoxy resin, and exhibits low odor and exceptional cure response. Films of EBECRYL® 3700 cured by ultraviolet light (UV) or electron beam (EB) demonstrate high surface hardness, high gloss, and excellent chemical resistance. It finds broad use in UV/EB applications, such as coatings, overprint varnishes, inks, adhesives, and electronics.

  • Regions

    Asia except China; Australia & New Zealand; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China; Latin America; North America

  • Product Group

    Standard Epoxyacrylates

  • Market Applications

    Packaging Coatings & Inks; Composites Raw Materials

  • Segment Applications

    Paint & Coatings; Performance Applications

  • Chemistry

    Epoxy acrylates

  • Technology

    Radiation curable resins

  • Formulation Advantages

    Good compatibility

    Long potlife

  • Application Advantages

    Faster cycle time

    Long potlife

    Low temperature curing

    Lower energy consumption

    No or low flammability

    Suitable for flexography inks

    Suitable for lithography inks

    Suitable for over print varnishes (OPV)

    Suitable for Screen & Gravure inks

  • Final Product Advantages

    High gloss potential

    Improved chemical resistance

    Improved hardness

  • Green Attributes

    Low/zero VOC

    Reducing energy consumption, lower carbon foot print

    Solvent free

    Tin free

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